Have a business or business idea and don’t know where to start with money and business but want to set it up or learn the best way possible?

If this is you, we need to chat.

I want to be your money and business bestie.
The one that meets you where you are in your business journey.
Sits alongside you as you navigate the world of money and business.

Here's the thing ...

… having time to sit with your business can be at the bottom of the priority pile, I get it! It’s like looking at the laundry after an epic holiday – blah! But we all know it needs to be done and the longer it sits there the bigger the pile gets and we don’t want to run out of undies. So, if this is you and you would rather have someone to sit with you, sort it and fold it with you – I’m your gal.

Hi, I'm Em

I’m a woman, a mother, a connector of dots, a weaver of webs and a lover of conversations. My jam is sitting alongside conscious and connected business owners like you to connect to your money and business.

Picture this

You have a backpack full of all the fun stuff that is the backbone of your business – bank accounts, excel spreadsheets, accounting programs that don’t make sense or don’t exist, paypal/stripe accounts, ad hoc created processes to manage your time and invoices. It’s serving you well or not and it’s getting heavier and heavier with time, resentment and ‘íll get to that one day’. You know it’s something to ‘sort out’ and do for ‘tax time’. You have sales targets and money goals but you’re lucky to spend 10 minutes a month let alone a week looking at your money.

You're thinking WHERE DO I START, I should know this, how do I sort this backpack out?

And now you’re here, HEY!



My Journey

The first 15 years of my career was spent climbing the corporate ladder of an industry that would give me a ‘good job’, freedom and MONEY. This decision came when flicking the pages of the career guides at 15, I was kinda good with numbers and well there was a clear ‘job’ at the end of it. At that age independence, flexibility, travel and choice was my drive!

I spent 5 years studying for a Bachelor degree and Postgraduate that earned me the title of, Chartered Accountant or CA. I still have this qualification and it will be with me for the rest of my life. I do not regret this one bit. I was ‘fortunate’ enough to ‘win’ a scholarship at 17 and worked in an accounting firm from my first year of uni. Working with people and applying theory in practice kept me going.

I learnt alot about money, finance and business in the eyes of the industry, its deadlines and ‘rules’. I meet some amazing mentors and business people which I credit a lot of my knowledge to today. I spent a bit of time as an Internal Auditor which is a fancy role for essentially finding better ways to do things. I loved this, it seemed common sense to me. Unlike ‘most’ accountants, I did not fit the mold – I built relationships, I built trust, I articulated technical terms into plain language, I was curious and pushed against ‘the way things were always done’, I loved finding quicker and easier ways to do things and I found experts to help me convey this to clients.

I travelled from my rural hometown in WA to Perth then to Melbourne and now run my business online in rural Victoria. I am a Mumma of 3 and love the freedom, flexibility and regenerative life and business I am creating. You really can have it all!

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